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Albania, a nation to discover traveling between seaside resorts, archaeological sites, historic villages and natural landscapes of original beauty.

You arrive in Tirana and exactly at the Mother Teresa airport located in Rinas which is about 20 km from the center of Tirana, from here renting the car with Sicily By Car you can start the journey to discover the country of the Eagles.

increasingly European capital, rich in history and cultural initiatives

a modern city with an increasingly flourishing economy, with neighborhoods and beaches full of life:

a UNESCO heritage city also known as the "city of a thousand windows" because of the white buildings rich in windows;

Unesco heritage is a delightful historic village in southern Albania, not far from the border with Greece. You come down here because its houses, its bazaar and its castle are among the most evocative of all Albania.

Dhermi, Drymades:
pristine and deserted beaches, Caribbean sea. The beauty of the beaches of Dhermi, Drymades, Palase, Jalë, Gjipe and many others is discovering new ones every day, walking for a few kilometers to get to areas where you will be completely alone and can relax as you have always wanted:

Saranda and Ksamil:
close to Greece, perhaps the place with the most beautiful sea in Albania, a destination full of fun and people.

small medieval village and picturesque stronghold of the Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu (Giorgio Castriota Scanderbeg), the history of this leader is very fascinating, and the city is the destination of many tourists both Albanians and foreigners who go there to visit the Museum Skanderbeg located in the castle.

Thethi and Valbona:
for lovers of trekking, nature, beautiful landscapes up to Lake Koman where it seems to be in Norway because of the mountains that plunge directly into the lake.

city in north-western Albania, on the border with Montenegro, gateway to visit the beautiful Albanian Alps and the beautiful Lake of Shkodra.

Visit Albania with Sicily by Car, we will introduce a nation.

1.Office Tirana airport
Hotel Jurgen, In front of the airport
Cel: +355697033344
Tel: +35542233682

2.Office Tirana downtown
“Mine Peza” street, Nr 2
Tel: +35542223055

3.Office Saranda downtown
Butrinti street, Ap 29, 1-st floor -9701 Sarande
Tel: +355698131224

4. Office Saranda Port
Port Sarande, Terminal -9701 Sarande
Tel: +355699624336